About Sarai´s

A perfect spread is a combination of many things: great ingredients, amazing texture, and the ideal mix of flavors. But creating the perfect spreads didn’t happen overnight, it took years to polish these recipes and make our dream products come to life. 

My name is Sara and I make everything from scratch. That’s where Sarai’s gets the name from! 

My kitchen is like a lab where through trial and error turn I create something delicious. In every jar, there’s a little bit of me: my love for food, for wellness, and for a healthy lifestyle. I’m always trying to improve, whether that means changing a recipe or connecting with my customers. 

The art of making spreads is similar to life: you have to venture out of your comfort zone to try different things, look for balance, and maintain a positive mindset. Every spoonful is filled with purpose. And I can’t think of a better gift than sharing that purpose with your loved ones. 

That is what Sarai’s is all about. 


Sara Mizrahi

I was born into a family of food lovers. That’s why all of our big moments are celebrated around a table. Both of my grandmas were amazing cooks. Emilia made the best desserts, and at Sara’s house —who I’m named after— was always full of delicious Arabic food. So, from a young age, I was creative, curious, and always sticking my head in the kitchen. 

I lived in Miami for 6 years, and I had two favorite hobbies: making crafts and baking cakes. I would make soaps, add glitter and beads to the pockets of my jeans, or spend entire mornings covered in chocolate and powdered sugar. What I loved the most was sharing my creations with others. My neighbors remember me sitting in the lobby ready to sell whatever I had made that morning. 

I thought about becoming a nutritionist or a chef, but while I enjoyed learning the theory, it was nothing compared to getting my hands dirty. That’s why all of my recipes are born out of learning from my mistakes. This is the philosophy that guides my life, in and outside the kitchen. I try to get back up when I’m down, make myself improve, and always give one hundred percent. 

From bags to cakes, and macaroons to spreads, that is who I am. I love to try new things. After marrying Edu, my greatest adventure yet, I had a fresh start ahead. While trying to figure out where to go next, I started experimenting in my kitchen. One afternoon, I ran into a friend who told me there were rumors that I was making delicious all-natural spreads. I was only making them for my family, but I asked her if she wanted to try them. That was the first spread I sold, the rest is history.