What is a Healthier Substitute for Nutella?

What is a Healthier Substitute for Nutella?

Nutella is a beloved nutty chocolate spread adored by millions of people around the world. We put Nutella on everything, pancakes, toast, cakes, muffins, even pizza!

In the past several decades, it appears as though the formula has remained relatively untouched, except for one thing, for many people, Nutella seems to be getting sweeter and sweeter.


What is Inside Nutella?

Nutella is a rather simple spread. It contains cocoa solids, milk powder, palm oils, hazelnuts, and of course, sugar.

Nutella is sadly not the healthiest thing to consume. This means that Nutella is out of reach for many who have to follow a strict diet for weight loss or any other health-related matter.

Nutella is absolutely jam-packed with sugar. Although its sugar content can vary in different markets, we found that an average jar of Nutella is 50% sugar and palm oil, not the healthiest ingredients, right?

Surprisingly, hazelnuts, which actually make Nutella so famous, fill out only around 13% of an average Nutella jar.

Let´s investigate some healthier alternatives to Nutella:


Make Your Own Nutella at Home

If you are handy with the kitchen tools, you might want to try and make your own Nutella spread.

Of course, you are in charge of making it healthier, so we will trust you to make it easy on the sugar.

While decreasing the amount of sugar will undoubtedly make the spread taste different, your body will thank you later.

We like to eyeball our homemade Nutella recipe, so don´t count on us to bother you with numbers. We found that the perfect thing to do is start with ground roasted hazelnuts and mix the ground up paste with and vanilla.

You can add some sugar to this fatty paste or make it more decadent with some honey or organic maple syrup; we leave this up to your own personal preferences.

To bind everything together, you can add a dash of milk to make the spread silkier and smoother.


Check out our Healthy Spreads

We understand if you are the most skilled cook. Luckily we developed some healthy alternatives to Nutella that are equally as yummy and would blow your mind.

When we were developing our brand of spreads, we made sure to create something nutritious and finger-licking!

We infused our almond and hazelnut butter spreads with all sorts of flavors. On our shelves, you can find spreads with matcha, truffle honey, maca cinnamon, and more!

These products are more nutritious than Nutella, have almost zero sugar, and are bursting with proteins, vitamins, and monounsaturated fats. All the things that will make your bodyhappy and nurtured are in those jars.

We are strictly against artificial sweeteners and tailor-make our products to fit even the most demanding pallets. Our spreads are vegan, gluten-free, and are perfect for those that practice a keto diet. Check out our store and see if you can find a yummy spread that will make you forget all about Nutella.

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