The Top Matcha Spread Benefits

The Top Matcha Spread Benefits

Matcha has overtaken the world by storm, and it has become one of the most revered teas on the market. Would you like to learn more about it? Keep reading to find out some great benefits.


Matcha is made from the most delicate green tea leaves, matured in the shade, and had all their stems and veins removed. The leaf is then pulverized into a rich green powder that we all love and adore.

Since becoming such a celebrity in the beverage industry, matcha has been making breakthroughs in the food industry. Nowadays, matcha is put on everything and inside of everything, from pastries to ice-creams.

Let's talk about a genius new matcha product – a matcha spread! Keep reading as we uncover the top three benefits of this healthy and yummy spread.

How is Matcha Spread Made?

Matcha spreads can be made out of various nut spreads that serve as a base. Almonds and cashews are ideal for a matcha spread because they do not interfere with its sophisticated taste.

Matcha is incorporated into these nutty spreads and voilà!

1. Matcha spread can help fight cancer

Matcha is considered a superfood and is loaded with a compound called EGCG that is well-known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Researchers have even found that consuming matcha can help combat some forms of breast cancer.

Macha is, of course, not a cure for cancer or a replacement for therapy. However, its properties help make the cancer cells dormant and stop them from refueling their energy supply.

2. Matcha spread is excellent for weight loss

Matcha spread can be an excellent alternative for other types of spreads like Nutella or any further spread that is loaded with sugar and processed fats, for that matter.

Matcha stimulates weight loss even without any significant physical activity.

3. Matcha spread can help combat diabetes

Matcha has been used for centuries to treat liver disease diabetes. It has a proven beneficial effect on the liver and decreases the chances of liver and kidney damage.

Matcha spread can be beneficial for people with fatty liver disease as it helps reducing liver enzyme levels.

4. Matcha spread can increase your brain function

Your brain cannot properly function without healthy fats. Matcha spread is loaded with healthy fats that come from cashews or almonds.

While matcha can improve your brain performance itself, consuming up to two grams per day can improve your brain function better than coffee.

Matcha contains a compact amount of caffeine and keeps your brain sharper for more extended periods while enhancing your memory. If you are not the biggest coffee fan, matcha spread is ideal to start a hectic morning as it will give you a much smoother kick that will last throughout the morning.

In our Sarai's pantry, we developed a matcha spread low in sugar and high in proteins. If one jar is not enough, check out our three-jar kit! Our matcha spread is perfect for a gluten-free diet and for those who are on a keto diet.

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