Recycle Sarais Spreads

When we talk about Sarai’s Spreads, what comes to your mind? Its flavor, its presentation, its iconic jar? Now you can think about recycling! With the collaboration between Ecolana and Sarai’s Spreads to help you recycle their products.


If you have seen their products, you know that they use glass jars with a metal lid, glass allows the flavor to be preserved without being modified, and the lid prevents odors and contaminants from getting in.


To recycle them is quite simple:

  • Clean your jars (enjoy it to the last spoonful).
  • Put the lid as aluminum in your recyclables (you can put it together with the cans of this material).
  • You can reuse the jars at home or to take them to the collection centers, find the nearest at Earth 911.
  • If you bought many containers and now you have boxes, you can recycle them as cardboard or paperboard.


Tip: To differentiate between cardboard and paperboard is very simple, corrugated cardboard has several layers and you can see waves on the edges; paperboard is very thin and super flexible, you can fold it easily.


Remember that everything mixed is garbage and separated is waste that can be recycled, if you have doubts about the materials of your products send us a message in our social media or send an-e-mail to:

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